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In this era when the functioning of the brain physiology increasingly informs our understanding of the creative process, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s teaching on the nature of the arts, creativity, and perception — compiled and presented in The Unmanifest Canvas — brings deep, unparalleled insights into these relatively uncharted realms of human experience.

Maharishi explains how art has its source in the transcendent — the universal, unbounded basis of life and individual awareness. This fascinating book is an indispensible resource for creative producers, artists, art educators and art lovers, today and for all future generations.

“Fascinating, Original, Ground-Breaking” Contains Index for Volukmns One and Two

“Maharishi’s insights into art are interesting, fascinating, straightforward, original, and ground-breaking — facilitating original, new
ways of perceiving the arts, and of creating art.”
Daniel Meyer -Dinkgräfe, Professor of Drama, University of Lincoln, UK

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Vernon Katz

About the Editors
Lee Fergusson and Anna Bonshek taught courses in art and consciousness at Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA. Lee was the first person to receive a PhD in Maharishi Vedic Science at Maharishi University of Management. In his doctoral dissertation, he documented the material in this book. Anna’s PhD, also in Vedic Science, further explored Maharishi’s discussion of art, creativity, and Veda. Lee and Anna are the founding co-directors of Maharishi Vedic University in Cambodia, adjunct faculty at Maharishi University of Management, and founding directors of Maharishi Vedic Research Institute.

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