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OCTOBER 23, 2012 • ISSUE 187

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The new entrance to Building 153


The lounge in Building 153


The newly-furnished guest rooms in 153


New roofs have been added to several residential buildings

MUM Campus Renovations Focus on Residential Buildings

This past summer, the University began work on a new phase of campus renovation. With an investment of more than $3 million, improvements include a major renovation of building 153, transforming it into a guest center, while other residential buildings are receiving new roofs and energy efficient boilers, windows, and lighting.

In addition, new flooring has been installed in more than 80 student rooms. “We will continue to upgrade student rooms and the common areas of the dorms throughout the year,” said David Streid, chief administrative officer.

To increase energy efficiency, 350 windows have been replaced In the men’s residence halls and 550 new windows are being installed in residential buildings on Granville Avenue and Zimmerman Drive. The project also involves improving the drainage around many of the older buildings to prevent moisture from seeping into the foundations. This step is followed by re-grading these areas and adding new landscaping.

The renovation of building 153 includes a beautifully furnished central lobby, a kitchen, and two new entrances created by Fairfield designer and builder Duncan McMaster. New flooring and windows throughout the building, new paint inside and out, and new flooring and fixtures in each room’s private bathroom have been added. The building will house visiting faculty and university guests with rooms also available to rent for Invincible America Assembly participants.

In the past three years prior to this project, the University has invested more than $4.5 million on campus improvements, including major renovations to the “high rise” dorms and the residences along Granville Avenue (“frats”), new roofs, new boilers, lighting, and various other projects.

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